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Vantage Sports & Rehab, LLC is proud to serve companies 

throughout Massachusetts.

“A Win–Win For Your Company.”


  • Vantage Wellness goal is to partner with business to facilitate and maintain a healthy workforce. Our mission is to assist employers in reducing injuries, workers compensation claims and employee lost time.
  •  Our vision is to educate and motivate employees to develop the mindset of becoming a “workplace athlete.”
  • Our professional team of physical therapists brings together many years of clinical experience in wellness programs, outpatient, acute, and sub-acute care fields. Our Wellness Programs are based on the best available medical research.



      • Proactive Symptom Management Program:
        • The PSM Program identifies high-risk areas. Recommendations are made being mindful of budget constraints.
        • The PSM Program allows workers to address musculoskeletal concerns onsite decreasing the risk for lost time and decreased productivity.
  • Your company will work directly with a Certified Ergonomic AssessmentSpecialist.
  •  Recommendations don’t always mean high cost. Positive changes can sometimes be made with minimal expenses.
  • Experience in Office and Industrial settings.

Injury Prevention:
  •  Employee education and management to recognize     musculoskeletal risks and reduce workers compensation     claims.
  • Identifying ways to eliminate risk.
  • Increasing awareness through education to minimize accumulated physical stress of the job.
  • Providing customized stretching/warm-up programs to target the muscles employees’ use most throughout the day.
POET Assessment:
  •  The least costly injury is the one that never occurs. Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET) focuses on determining whether an individual is physically capable of performing a specific job to proactively minimize the risk of injury.
  • POETs have also been called Physical Abilities Tests, Pre-Placement Tests, Pre-Work Screens, and Fitness for Duty Tests, Physical Demands Tests and Worker Selection Tests.
Injury Management:
  • Vantage offers a better approach to treating injured workers. We send an experienced physical therapist to your company immediately. No waiting for treatment to start!
  • The therapist will work with the injured worker training on specific job functions. The worker not only gets better quicker but they learn to work safer and become more productive.
  • Rehab at work can be a big money-saver for your company.
    • It eliminates expensive travel time, reduces costly productivity losses, and brings the worker physically back to work for treatment.
  • Open Communication:
    • The therapist will keep you updated on employee’s treatment and expected return to work (full or light duty.)
  • Faster Treatment Completion:
    • The goal is to reduce the amount of visits per case. Personalized one on one session will ensure the injured employee receives a personalized treatment.

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