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To whom it may concern:
I have been enjoying going to Vantage Sports & Rehab on Southampton Road in Westfield, MA.

I was going there because of pain in the top of my feet. They were so painful I could hardly walk I was falling down most of the time. Now I can walk without falling or the fear of falling down.

The staff is so great they work with you to schedule your appointments for your convenience. And everyone is friendly and caring. Bob, Steve and Paul are the physical therapists that I have been working with and they have been helping me regain balance and pain relief. The office staff is wonderful to work with. Candice, Anna and Stephanie have always been extremely pleasant and knowledgeable.

I also like the place because most of the time they work with you one on one. The therapists are always willing to help out with appointment scheduling. And any questions you or your family may have they are always willing to answer and also explain how they are going to work with you in depth. My son also has a leg problem and even though he is not a patient, answered a few questions he has had.

Louise G.

Dear Bob and the entire Westfield Vantage Staff,
I can’t thank you enough for your expertise, talent and advice you have given me to restore me to health during the last several months.

Thank you so much.
Linda S

After nearly 20 years of PT reviews and treatment every 3-5 years – FINALLY – on the road to proper balance, decreased leg, back pain, and increased STAMINA – Many years of misdiagnosis…Dr. Lauren King discovered what my O.D. Doctor and N.E. Surgeon (plus at least 10 doctors over 20 years) – could not – proper diagnosis, care, and ongoing treatment. I cannot rave enough about her and Vantage.

– Susan L

I came to Vantage Sports and Rehab after complications with a total knee replacement surgery.
From my initial assessment to my discharge date, I continually felt as though my therapist was right there to encourage and challenge me to meet my goals. She would never rush me and always listened to my concern and addressed them immediately.
After a great deal of effort and hard work on both parts, I have met those goals. Not only have I met them, but am physically stronger than I was long before my surgery. With my “at home” program that my therapist taught me, I will continue to gain strength.
The office staff was always courteous and knowledgeable regarding the necessary referral process required by my health insurance. I made my upcoming appointments in advance and never had an issue getting the time I needed. My overall experience with Vantage Sports and Rehab was excellent. I would highly recommend them.
Deborah T

Competent & Caring Therapists. I recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much!

I was very happy with all my therapists! They were all very professional and helpful to my treatment and if it weren’t for them, I would not be doing as well as I am today. Thank you Lauren, Steve, Cyndy, Sarah and Stephanie!

Kay C.

To the Westfield Office:
Staff were knowledgeable. Receptionist-Courteous and accommodating. Everyone- Pleasant & professional.

Clearly the people are the best asset at Vantage Sports & Rehab!! Kaitlyn is the friendliest and most helpful receptionist of any medical/rehab office I’ve been to. Always a smile!! I love, love, love Cyndy!! She is THE BEST & has a GREAT personality that gelled well with mine. She always hit the spot! Lauren is fabulous! Very friendly, very knowledge and gets to all the other areas and relieves pain and tension very quickly. The therapists are a great compliment to each other. Each one has something just a bit different that they do, which all together makes everything work well. GREAT RESUTLS!!! I will miss you all!!

Kim R.

I had tried two other PT places before finding you and was so unsatisfied that I gave up but a good friend insisted I try your place and I’m so glad she did.
Cyndy worked with me and I loved her, she’s the only one that could give me relief.
I’m in Florida now doing good but I might come back if my neck flares up again come spring.

Brenda K.

December, 2016

Dear Dmitry,

When I visited your facility in Palmer, I had a lot of shoulder pain. I had trouble sleeping through the night, I thought the worst. After just three visits, you taping me up and following your instructions for some light exercises at home all is GREAT!

Thank You Very Much!

Joe F.

November, 2016

Dear Dmitry,

I’ve been pleased to receive treatment at your facility, which is heads and shoulders above those I’ve attended. Your people are friendly, professional and very hands on. I’m impressed with the use of the myofascial tool and the rock tape, which I never witnessed elsewhere. Best wishes for your continued success.

Sincerely,  Tom G.