Preventing Gardening Injuries

Preventing Gardening Injuries:

Winter is slowly transitioning to warmer spring weather. This is an exciting time for avid gardeners. Gardening eases stress, provides exercise, and gets you outside. It  adds beauty to your yard.
When gardening, it is very easy to become consumed spending long periods of time in awkward positions. It is important to approach gardening safely to prevent discomfort, pain, and injuries from occurring.

To avoid injuries you should follow these precautions:
1. Wear Gloves: wearing gloves will help reduce blistering from occurring. It will also protect your skin from bacteria, fungus and fertilizers.
2. Use proper body mechanics: It is important to remember to use your  leg muscles when  bending  your hips and knees to lifting. Never bend at your waist to lift!
3. Avoid prolonged repetitive motions: Gardening involves repetitive motion that can cause pain and injuries from over use. It is important to vary your gardening activity rotating and mixing up chores lessening over use of the same muscle group.
4. Remember your posture: During gardening we tend to spend prolonged periods of time in awkward flexed postures. Try to use gardening kneeling pad to help maintain better posture.  Take frequent breaks to allow your body to stretch. Try using long handle tools which will lessen awkward posture and allow you to work in standing.

5. Stretching before and after gardening helps prevent injuries.  Before starting a new exercise routine (especially if you haven’t exercised in a while)  check with your physician to see if these exercises are safe for you.

The above safety measures will lessen the risk of injuries so you can enjoy the summer months gardening. Enjoy!